Jay Lutsky | Owner

Showtime, The WB, The Disney Channel, CBS.

These are the places Jay broke the rules, honed his craft, excelled and led.

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Unique, unusual, always bright, never trite promotions are just an idea away and available daily at Sightgag Studios, LLC.

Give Abby Normal a chance.


Sightgag Studios

Never Trite. Always Bright.

At Sightgag Studios we are proudly Abby Normal. 

We sell drama with humor, comedy with humor, family and kids programming with humor. Get it?

But while we believe humor is a key component of all intelligent design, we also know how to connect your content to the viewer with real emotion.  

It just doesn't have to be predictable and always end with a rising drone into a gunshot or explosion. The characters and the character of their character is the key to connecting. Universal elements like the pursuit of happiness, family, safety and love are the keys to connecting.

Abby Normal Promotions with Real Emotions

Sightgag Studios.



Our Approach

Jay is a one of a kind creative who works with the best editors, producers, directors, audio engineers, sound designers, composers and graphic artists in the business to insure that your project is completed on time, on budget and Abby Normal.

Whether your project is one spot or a complete show launch, honesty, integrity and dedication to the unusual will always be his promise to you.


Our Specialties

  • Promos
  • Presentations
  • Network, Cable and Syndication show launches
  • Copywriting
  • Shoot content
  • Talent relations
  • Web Series
  • Infomercials

Abby Normally skilled in all genres.



Visionaries we work with


NBC, FOX,  Hallmark Hall of Fame, Disney XD, Disney Channel, AMC, Sony Pictures Television to name a few.

Basically, we work with those who like to break the mold.. 



More than Meets the Eye


We write and produce Abby Normal Promos, Upfront Presentations, Show Launches, Syndication Pitch and Launch Packages, Movie Marathons, Programming Stunts, Radio Spots , Web-Series, Infomercials....  

We'll write anything as long as it's original.